About us

Our team consist a network of individual with extensive business experience and proven track records. Our expertise spread across the banking and finance, legal, mining, iron and steel industries.

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https://diabetesfrees.com/starlix-review-recommendations-uses-and-dosage/ Our primary focus currently is to generate deals in bringing to life additional sources of ores, iron ores in particular, and mines into operation for our clients’ requirement. We look forward to working with producers from Mexico, Peru, Argentina, South Africa, India and Indonesia.

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Pokachi play blackjack online free no download Ores will be supplied directly to our strategic partners of state-owed as well as private steel mills. Over the years, we have also built a network of trading partners within China to leverage on our trade financing strength as well as supplies chain.

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hot pokie San Antonio del Táchira If you are a producer with existing mine, do reach out to us. We can discuss going into long-term contracts, index-priced, risk management via swaps, and most importantly, we are going to get you established and honorable end-user steel mills, who do not default. This will be unlike traders with limited financing capabilities who usually default on contracts the moment the ore prices drop. Stable supplies, stable consumption.

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